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Great Wall Big Monster

The main characters of BIG MONSTER field vehicle are big tyres and higher chassis, min. ground clearance 230 mm; angle of approach 45°, angle of departure 30°. BIG MONSTER field vehicle is very comfortable like cars, as well as adapt rock road

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Great Wall Deer Extra-Long Double Cab

Golden Deer Extra-long double cabin leads the practicability and fashion design trend of pickup with unique design concept. Extended cargo box and wheel base make it more functional and convenient to load oversized articles....

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Great Wall Deer Extra-Long Single Cab

Golden Deer extra-long single cabin (Great Wall CC1021CR) is the model designed according to the market demand and custom mentality. Big cargo body can reach your requirement of loading easily. Cargo-body inner dimensions 2260 x 1465 x 405 mm

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Great Wall Deer Medium Double Cab

Golden Deer Medium double cab is figured out of Great Wall Motor?s innovative experience. Streamlined body and luxury inner decoration are fashionable and comfortable. Medium cargo box is more suitable to your multi-functional requirement

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Great Wall Deer One and Half Cab

Golden Deer One and Half cab (CC1021LR) is the fashionable model uniquely designed among the pickup makers in China. The reasonable layout of the rear seats offer more space and the lengthened wheel base and cargo box look more comfortable and fashionable

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Great Wall Deer Regular Double Cab

Golden Deer regular double cab is one of the major models of Great Wall pickups. Double cross arms independent front suspension with torsion bar spring, and Variable-rate unsymmetrical leaf spring suspension, front disc and rear drum with Two-circuit....

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Great Wall Deer Regular Single Cab

CC1021DR. Regular single cabin pickup brings you new feeling, its' adaptability to different road conditions is stronger. Regular single cabin is just the model designed for you. Cargo body 1865 x 1465 x 405 mm, payload 500 kg

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Great Wall Sailor Extra-Long Double Cab

Great Wall Sailor extra-long double cab is the competitive pickup model with new aesthetic and human-oriented concept. It is unique model with fashionable appearance and comfortable inner room. GW4D28 diesel engine utilizes Japanese Isuzu technology

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Great Wall Sailor Regular Double Cab

Great Wall Sailor Regular double cab pickup truck (CC1027S, CC1027SCD) pursues best quality and is the perfect balance between compact dimension and spacious inner room. Diesel Sailor Pickup GW4D28 diesel engine utilizes Japanese Isuzu technology

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Great Wall Socool (So Cool)

Great Wall pickup always features high quality and high P & P ratio. Great Wall SoCool has just extended the principle «Do Best» to extreme. Simple and elegance appearance and active body line attract your eye....

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Manufacturer Information

Great Wall Motor Company Limited is the largest privately-owned auto-motive manufacturer in China. It is the first privately-owned auto comp-any of China listed in the Hong Kong Stock Market. Great Wall is famous for its level-headed operation, with enormous economic capacity and more than 10 years of rapid growth, Great Wall has created lots of outstanding achievements.

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