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Honeyoung Mirage PK1020SE Crew Cab

Honeyoung Mirage PK1020SE double cabin 2WD pickup truck. 68 kW 2237 cc engine, 215/75R15 tyres. Pickup overall dimensions 4890 x 1660 x 1700 mm, wheelbase 2850 mm, payload 500 kg, max. speed 120 km/h

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Honeyoung Mirage PK1021SLE Single Cab

Honeyoung Mirage PK1021SLE Single Cabin 2WD pickup truck. 76 kW 2237 cc engine, 225(235)/75R15 tyres. Pickup overall dimensions 5160 x 1700 x 1710 mm, wheelbase 3025 mm, payload 750 kg, speed 120 km/h

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Honeyoung Mirage PK1023ES Crew Cab 4WD

Honeyoung Mirage PK1023ES double cabin 4WD pickup truck. 4G64S4 Mitsubishi engine (92 kW, 2351 cc), 235/75R15 tyres. Pickup overall dimensions 5135 x 1710 x 1810 mm, wheelbase 3025 mm, payload 500 kg

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Manufacturer Information

Merged with several main manufacturers for vehicles and automobiles which owning positive production capacity and market share in China, Anhui Honeyoung Enterprise Co., Ltd. has become one of leading manufacturers and exporters of pickups, family van cars and light trucks in China. A group company which owns tens of branch stores and subsidiary companies over China brings more and more advantages in regard to the market share and managing system. Anhui Honeyound Automobile has successively got the international certificate of ISO9001 and ISO9002.

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