Fudi NHQ1027QBE Lion Crew Cab pickup truck

Fudi NHQ1027QBE Lion Crew Cab Pickup truck (China)

Fudi NHQ1027QBE Lion Crew Cab

Fudi NHQ1027QBE Double Cab Lion Pickups Specification

Brand name Fudi
Model NHQ1027QBE
Certification CCC, ISO 9001
Place of origin China (PRC)
Overall dimensions Length (mm) 5035
Width (mm) 1690
Height (mm) 1630
Seating capacity (persons) 5
Curb weight (kg) 1480
Gross vehicle weight (kg) 2305
Wheel base (mm) 3025
Wheel track Front (mm) 1374
Rear (mm) 1390
Drive type rear-wheel drive (4x2 aka 2WD)
Engine Model JM491Q-ME
Displacement (L) 2.23
Max. power (kW / rpm) 76 / 4200
Max. torque (N·m / rpm) 193 / 2200-2800
Compression ratio 8.8:1
Fuel tank capacity (L) 56
Fuel supply multipoint close surround circuit fuel spurt
Brake system Front disk brake
Rear drum brake
ABS mechanical ABS
Transmission 5 speeds, manual
Suspension system Front independent suspension
Rear armor plate spring suspension
Steering system power steering
Min. ground clearance (mm) ≥ 215
Approach angle (deg.) 24°
Departure angle (deg.) 20°
Min. turning diameter (m) ≤ 12
Max. speed (km/h) ≥ 125
Fuel consumption at 50 km/h steady speed (L/100 km) ≤ 8.0
Audio system FM/AM radio CD player, 4 speakers
Air conditioner environment A/C
Fudi NHQ1027QBE Lion Crew Cab

Fudi Lion NHQ1027QBE Double Pickup Brief Introduction

Fudi Lion's appearance is sturdy and strong, straightforward but not losing the noble temperament, the perfect amalgamation of the characteristic line between the engine cover whose arris line rose clearly and wing of both sides shows the car has a muscular sense even more. The wide-field front windshield and the outstanding and consistent waist line, make the car vivid, and have a very strong wallop. The rounded and plump front bumper bar and the embedded glittering and translucent front fog-lamp are integrated naturally, the overhead antenna is sagacious and touching, the black-and-white collocating tone on the rear face of the oversize electric rearview mirror is unique, except widening the vision for drivers, adding some flavor to the car, it also indicates the smart originality and fine conceive of design too.

We work at every nice part and function of Fudi Lion with special care, endowing the car with a feeling of high-quality, even if a door handle is like this. "Fudi Lion" has spurned the commonly used zinc-plated handle of traditional pickup, and adopting the outside thick handle of the same color as the automobile body which is commonly used on top-grade saloon cars. The modern style braking light and tail light at rear roof is big and striking, which can give the driver clear tail information. Watching from the tail, the cooperation of the braking light and tail light seems to challenge for chasing while smiling.

Fudi NHQ1027QBE Lion Crew Cab

The tail board and handle integrated design pattern of packing box allows customer open tail gate agily, and the tail gate can also be opened as an extension of packing box, the one press formed high position integrated wheel ring of both sides of packing box stress the strong and powerful crus even more.

Fudi NHQ1027QBE Lion Crew Cab

Compared with other pickup, Fudi Lion has better fuel economy, taking care of the customer, Fudi Lion incorporates a large number of saloon car technology in the design, the front axle adopts wishbone-type independent suspension with torsion bar, and the rear axel is variable-rate spring lamination. Floor type grip brake, SABS, environmental protection air-condition, equipped with domestically-made Toyota JM491Q-ME engine with EFI and PFI, or choose 4B28 diesel engine.

The modern pattern appearance equipped with diesel engine whose displacement is up to 2.8 liters, it runs as swift and stable as the male lion of grassland. According to domestic pickup, it is qualified to be named as the "the king of arbitrariness".

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