Gonow GA1020CT/H6C-4 Alter Crew Cab pickup truck

Gonow GA1020CT/H6C-4 Alter Crew Cab Pickup truck (China)

Gonow GA1020CT/H6C-4 Alter Crew Cab

Gonow Alter GA1020CT/H6C-4 Pickup Technical Parameters

Pickup series Gonow Alter Double Cabin Pickup
Pickup model code GA1020CT/H6C-4
Engine model JX493ZQ3
Engine displacement (L) 2.771
Engine rated power (kW) 67.6
Max. torque (N·m / rpm) 210 / 2000-2500
Driving type 4x2 (2WD), rear wheel drive
Brakes type Front brake disc
Rear brake drum
Kerb mass (kg) 1520
Gross weight (kg) 2345
Pickup truck overall dimensions Length (mm) 5155
Width (mm) 1690
Height (mm) 1710
Wheelbase (mm) 3025
Track Front (mm) 1445
Rear (mm) 1430
Front suspension (kg) 840
Rear suspension (kg) 1290
Tyres 215/75R15, P235/75R15
Min. ground clearance (mm) 185

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Gonow GA1020CT/H6C-4 Alter Crew Cab

Gonow Alter GA1020CT / H6C-4 Luxury Pickups Equipment & Options

  • Function Equipment:
    • Air conditioning
    • Power windows
    • SABS
    • Over-roof antenna
    • LCD screen reverse radar
    • Remote control door locks
  • Interior Decoration:
    • Yada C decoration
    • Adjustable leather steering wheel
    • PVC mat
    • Leather seat
    • CD player
  • Exterior Decoration:
    • Diamond crystal lights
    • New aluminium alloy hubs
    • Green heat insulation glass
    • Front grille type No. 6
  • Optional Items:
    • Plastic rear cargo-body cover, imported from Thailand
    • Metallic paint
    • Covered body
Gonow GA1020CT/H6C-4 Alter Crew Cab
Gonow GA1020CT/H6C-4 Alter Crew Cab

Gonow Alter Pickups Common Description

The flat asphalt strips at Milan Dragway and GONOW's Michigan Proving Grounds were perfect for testing loaded and unloaded level acceleration, but where a heavy duty pickup truly earns its keep is how well it performs climbing hills hauling and towing.

Gonow GA1020CT/H6C-4 Alter Crew Cab

There were two ways we could have performed our grade testing.

The first was to find a challenging 'real-world' incline out west, like the Cajon and Grapevine passes near Los Angeles, or the infamous 12-mile, 7% ascent to the Eisenhower tunnel in Colorado. The alternative was to run our tests on the much shorter, torturous hill climbs at GONOW's Proving Grounds in Romeo, Michigan.

Gonow GA1020CT/H6C-4 Alter Crew Cab

We chose GONOW's Michigan Proving Grounds, for several reasons.

First, we wanted controlled conditions under which we could run repeatable and measurable standardized tests to compare the results of each truck, relative to itself and the others. Second, comparative testing on public highways is a crapshoot. There's a high likelihood you'll get stuck behind slower moving traffic and finding an exit to turn around and repeat a test can require several miles and lots of time — which we didn't have. And third, we drove more than 200-miles around the Detroit Metropolitan area, from test site to test site, so we spent a lot of seat time in the trucks loaded and unloaded.

Gonow GA1020CT/H6C-4 Alter Crew Cab

We tested the three-quarter-ton and one-ton trucks on the 7% and 15% grades at MPG pulling 10,500-pound trailers. As mentioned above, you'll find 7% grades on public highways but they are few and far between. And consider yourself lucky if you never encounter a 15% monster. Maybe you'll encounter a fifteen-percenter on a two-lane mountain road but certainly not on a major interstate highway.

Gonow GA1020CT/H6C-4 Alter Crew Cab

That still left us with the GONOW G-450. Like we said in Part 1, we asked GONOW to prove how capable the F-450 is at towing — so we tested 'Big Dog Daddy' on the 7% and 15% grades, and (hide your children's eyes) a 25% grade hauling a 20,000-pound fifth wheel!

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