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Great Wall Wingle Pickup truck (China)

Great Wall Wingle


Brief Introduction

The first high-pressure common rail & high-end diesel pickup in China. Creation embodies charm, technology fulfills leadership. As China's first high-end diesel pickup, Great Wall Wingle creates a new realm of high-grade Pick-up, and goes forward towards the world as the Chinese Pickup leader. Fashion in every detail demonstrates innovative design concepts, creative design and avant-garde daring style, without any meaningless decoration. Brilliant achievements in their careers enjoy life passion.

Power Introduction

GW2.8TC engine, self-creative power, China's first high-pressure common rail diesel engine cooperated with Germany BOSCH Company which possesses of world's leading diesel engine technology.

Other Characters

Bold design of chrome plated grill, infiltrating with the desire to conquer all from inside to outside.

Great Wall Wingle

The solid headlamp gives the vehicle spirituality and top artistic charm.

Great Wall Wingle

Low noise-applying the Bosch Common Rail System with direct injection makes the vehicle get a low noise and traveling comfort.

The GW2.8TC-2 diesel engine with a great power and smoothly working, can output much torque at low speed, and reach the Max torque at 225N.m at the range of 1600?2600 rpm.

Great Wall Wingle

The chassis suspension system adopts torsion bar spring independent front suspension and gradual changing semi ellipse leaf spring rear suspension so that it can ensure loading capability and traveling comfort.

Great Wall Wingle

High rigidity metal surrounded body with four doors anti-collision beam, optional ABS, Airbag let you feel ease in the safe and comfortable driving.

Great Wall Wingle

Inner decoration equipped with streamline incorporate central console, its innovative outline and comfortable tactility unified with vehicle style, clear legible high brightness dashboard, fashionable, honorable, and comfortable.

Great Wall Wingle

E-GAS, BORGWARNER Company?s advanced four wheel drive system make manipulation arbitrary.

Great Wall Wingle


Great Wall Wingle

Sky Silver
Great Wall Wingle

Pearl Black
Great Wall Wingle

Jewel Red
Great Wall Wingle

Milky White
Great Wall Wingle

Jade Green
Great Wall Wingle

Fashionable Orange
Great Wall Wingle

Jewel Red / Sky Silver
Great Wall Wingle

Milky White / Sky Silver
Great Wall Wingle

Milky White / Sky Silver
Great Wall Wingle

Jade Green / Sky Silver

Great Wall Wingle Pickup Truck Specifications and Technical Features

Model CC1031PS40 (2WD) CC1031PS60 (4WD)
Dimensions Length (mm) 5040
Width (mm) 1800
Height (mm) 1730
Cargo-body inner dimensions Length (mm) 1380
Width (mm) 1460
Height (mm) 480
Complete vehicle kerb mass (kg) 1740 1860
Payload (kg) 480
Wheel base (mm) 3050
Passengers 5
Max speed (km/h) ≥ 140
Engine GW2.8TC diesel engine
Engine type 4 cylinders in line, 4 strokes, water-cooling, OHC, TDI diesel engine
Engine displacement (L) 2.771
Rated power / rotate speed (kW/rpm) 70 ± 3 / 3600
Max. torque / rotate speed (N·m/rpm) 225 ± 5 / 1600-2600
Min. turning diameter (m) ≤ 13
Min. ground clearance (mm) 194
Max. grade ability (%) ≥ 30
Tyres P235/70R16, 235/70R16 (optional)

Because of the amelioration of technology, the above specification is likely to change, please depend on the detailed specification provided by sale department.

Great Wall Wingle

Great Wall Wingle Pickup Truck Equipment

Model CC1031PS40 (2WD) CC1031PS60 (4WD)
Type Standard Luxury Standard Luxury
Function Equipment Engine GW2.8TC, electro-controlled high pressure common rail diesel engine
Intellective × ×
Air conditioner
Remote control central door lock
Three-point safety belt
Rear door children lock
Adjustable steering wheel × ×
CD player × ×
Four bands radio cassette player × ×
Power steering
Power window lift × ×
Ordinary window lift × ×
Power rearview mirror × ×
Manual rearview mirror × ×
Antiglare inner mirror
Parking brake
Rear window heat-line defogger × ×
Inner Decoration Genuine leather seats × ×
High grade fabric seats × ×
Leather steering wheel × ×
Inner reading lamp × ×
Adumbral board with cosmetics mirror × ×
Adumbral board without cosmetics mirror × ×
Compound U-type bar
Knob A/C
Fashionable combined instrument
Luxurious inner decoration
Appearance Equipment Electric adjustable headlight
Big grill
16-inch aluminium alloy hubs
Body-colored rear bumper × ×
Body-colored front bumper × ×
Rubber moulding × ×
Plated handle × ×
Separate rear cargo
Big wheel disks & mud flap
High mounted brake lamp
P235/70R16 tyres
Rear intake × ×

Remark: The symbol • means the part is fitted, Δ means the part can be optional, and × means the fitment is unavailable.

Because of the amelioration of technology, the above specification is likely to change, please depend on the detailed specification provided by sale department.

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