Polarsun SZS1020FS Crew Cab pickup truck

Polarsun SZS1020FS Crew Cab Pickup truck (China)

Polarsun SZS1020FS Crew Cab

Polarsun SZS1020FS Double Cab Pickup Specification

Manufacturer Polarsun Motor Holdings Ltd.
Brand name Polarsun (Polar Sun)
Model SZS1020FS
Vehicle type crew cab pickup truck
Place of origin China (PRC)
Engine model C498QA2
Transmission DHD72E1
Overall dimensions Length (mm) 5105
Width (mm) 1700
Height (mm) 1630
Cargo body inner dimensions Length (mm) 1505
Width (mm) 1530
Height (mm) 450
Engine displacement (L) 2.464
Power (h.p.) 115
Max. torque (N·m / rpm) 203 / 2600
Engine compression ratio 8.6:1
Fuel tank capacity (L) 60
Fuel gasoline
Top speed (km/h) ≥ 120
Polarsun SZS1020FS Crew Cab

Note: due to continued updating of polarsun model lines, latest equipment list will be based on actual vehicles. Polarsun Automotive Industries reserves the right to list definition.

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