SM1021ME Crew Cab pickup truck

SM1021ME Crew Cab Pickup truck (China)

SM1021ME Crew Cab

SM1021ME Double Cab Pickup Specification

Manufacturer China Chongqing BIG Science & Technology Development (Group) Co., Ltd. (CCBG)
Certification ISO9001, CCC
Model SM1021ME
Vehicle type crew cab pickup truck
Place of origin China (PRC)
Engine model 491 (4Y)
Engine displacement (L) 2.237
Power (kW / rpm) 70 / 4600
Top speed (km/h) ≥ 120
Seating capacity (persons) 5
Drive type 4x2 (2WD, rear-wheel drive)
Wheelbase (mm) 2850
Wheel track Front (mm) 1375
Rear (mm) 1355
Overall vehicle dimensions Length (mm) 4940
Width (mm) 1690
Height (mm) 1670
  • The meter ornaments made of peach-wood together with the well matched light color inner decoration make it in vogue.
  • The adjustable steering wheel serves you to adjust the angle according to your own driving habit, giving you utmost driving convenience.
  • New style meter. Double meter, making you be clear at a glance of the driving speed and engine rotation speed.

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