ZX Auto BQ2023Q Grand Tiger pickup truck

ZX Auto BQ2023Q Grand Tiger Pickup truck (China)

ZX Auto BQ2023Q Grand Tiger

Grand Tiger Pickups Brief Introduction

Zhongxing Grand Tiger is designed according to latest trend of development, and in step with TUNDRA, NISSAN FRONTIER, which are TOYOTA's car models currently sold well in North America. Also, Zhongxing Grand Tiger, TUNDRA, and NISSAN FRONTIER all belong to the fifth generation of pickup models. Zhongxing Grand Tiger pickup embodies newest technologies and designing theories. Keeping in step with the newest car models developed by the international market.

Zhongxing Grand Tiger depends on first grade global auto components purchasing system, equipped with most technically mature high-tech auto components. We select and use necessary accessories made by world famous brands such as TOYOTA and NISSAN, the quality of entire autos is in step with trend of world development.

ZX Auto BQ2023Q Grand Tiger

ZXAuto GrandTiger Double Pickup Specifications and Technical Features

Dimensions Length (mm) 5080
Width (mm) 1750
Height (mm) 1735
Wheel base (mm) 2900
Net weight (kg) 1610
Payload (kg) 500
Passengers (persons) 5
Oil tank capacity (L) 65
Min. ground clearance (mm) 198
Min. turning radius (m) 6.4
Transmission Manual, 5-speed, Mechanic
ZX Auto BQ2023Q Grand Tiger

ZX Auto BQ2023 Q Grand Tiger Double Cab Pickup Engine

Engine QD32T
Type 4 Cylinders in line, turbo charge diesel engine
Max. power (kW / rpm) 81 / 3600
(h.p. / rpm) 110 / 3600
Max. torque (N·m / rpm) 221 / 2000
Fuel consumption (L/100 km) 7.5
Displacement (L) 3.153
Compression ratio 22:1
Max.vehicle speed(km/h) ≥ 130
ZX Auto BQ2023Q Grand Tiger

ZX Auto BQ2023Q Grand Tiger Double Cab Pickups Equipment

  • Engine:
    • QD32 Series diesel engine
  • Chassis:
    • Drive mode: 2WD
    • Transmission: M/T
    • Hydrolic engine suspension
    • Steering shock absorber
    • 16" aluminium wheels
    • Tyres 235/70R16
    • Adjustable, booster power steering
  • Function Parts:
    • Remaote central control door lock
    • A/C
    • Single disc CD system
    • Power rear view mirror
    • Power window with automatic shut
  • Inner Trim:
    • Grey color inner decoration (Beige optional)
    • Central glove box
  • Optional Items:
    • 4 wheel drive (4WD)
    • Automatic gear box
    • ABS+EBD System
    • 235/65R17 aluminum wheels (2WD only)
    • Driver airbag
    • Front passenger airbag
    • Leather seats
    • Six disc CD system
    • Back radar
ZX Auto BQ2023Q Grand Tiger

Hebei Tianye Grand Tiger Pickups Quality


  • Mighty-looked head representing most popular development trend.
  • Bold configuration.
  • Concise but dynamical profile lines.

Safety Functions:

ZX Auto BQ2023Q Grand Tiger
  • Zhongxing Grand Tiger adopts American Delphi DBC7.4 16-digit integrate ABS.
  • Zhongxing Grand Tiger makes ABS+EBD its standard equipments, to ensure superior brake capacity.
  • The seat is of high rigidity framework, and adopts ?T-shaped? slide rail in stead of ?C-shaped? slide rail which were adopted by common cars, when accident occurs, the durable seat can ensure the driver's safety, and won't break down.
  • On designing, Zhongxing Grand Tiger associated with foreign chassis and mould manufacturer, and uses CAE/CAD computer system to aid design entire auto structure. Not only makes the autos meet safety standard, but also optimize quality of entire autos.
ZX Auto BQ2023Q Grand Tiger
  • The moulds are all imported from overseas, so the entire configuration embodies proficient and profound techniques, and energy absorbed configuration makes the driving very safe.
  • The bar fender at the side of front/back doors: during collision, it is able to protect passengers with good cares, prevent outside objects from bumping into cabins, and ensure the back door can be opened normally after collision.
  • Three points seat belts on back seats, to protect passengers with more security.
  • Ladder shaped high rigidity chassis.

Superior Power:

ZX Auto BQ2023Q Grand Tiger
  • Gasoline. Zhongxing Grand Tiger is equipped with 4G64 engine, adopts Delphi electric control system, and passed calibration test in America, the engine power can reach 94 kW, and can match with entire autos perfectly.
  • Diesel. Zhongxing Grand Tiger is equipped with original Nissan QD32 diesel engine, the engine power can reach 80.9 kW, passed Euro-2 emission standard, its quality and technologies is in step with most world famous pickups.

Excellent chassis:

ZX Auto BQ2023Q Grand Tiger
  • Zhongxing Grand Tiger Pickup's front suspension is independent double horizontal arm spiral spring suspension with horizontal antisway bar, which reduces the bodywork's tilt degrees, and increases auto's loading capacity through debugging and stabilizing the front suspension system, its function on reducing shakes is perfect.
  • Back suspension adopts steel plate spring, can fit to different highway conditions, together with gasfilled shake absorber, the shake can be fully distributed or absorbed when driving, also it can prevent back end whip. Perfect steering ability: Approach angle, angle of departure reach 32°, 17° separately, to make drivers have enough confidence to pass adverse roads.

Convenient control:

ZX Auto BQ2023Q Grand Tiger
  • Zhongxing Grand Tiger 4WD model adopts advanced electric control 4 WD system, offering 3 selector keys — 4H, 4L, 2H for different driving patterns, controlled by controlling module, the TOD transfer case of outlaid electromotor can help switch the driving patterns, and switch the driving patterns at ease when driving. The control is very convenient.

Comfort Functions:

ZX Auto BQ2023Q Grand Tiger
  • With Steering Shock Reducer, it can reduce shake from steering system, reduce shake from front wheels, reduce the shakes caused by poor road surface, and reduce shakes on steering wheel in order to improve driving comfort.
  • Zhongxing Grand Tiger adopts environmental protection constant temperature air conditioner supplied by Sanden Company from Japan (Toyota's supplier), which is capable of lowering down air temperature very quickly, also runs durable and reliable.
  • Spacious back seats, to meet needs of people who often ride the cars for a long time. Back seats can be used for multipurpose, and can be turned forward to make larger space for loading goods.
  • Sound insulation and noise reduction: A column and B column are stuffed with sound insulation materials, roof, door board as well as interior decoration board at two sides are equipped with sound absorb woolen felt, together with sound insulation mat and front floor, SPE material, sound absorb woolen felt and carpet, can improve the sound insulation effect together.
  • Zhongxing Grand Tiger is equipped with Siemens VDO audio system with ESP electric anti-shock properties, so bumpy roads won't interrupt drivers' enjoyment on music.

Intelligent design:

ZX Auto BQ2023Q Grand Tiger
  • Remote control functions: when setting defenses with remote control, if windows are still open, the open windows will be closed automatically.
  • Electric anti-theft: Sets defenses automatically, when auto is in anti-theft state, it can inspect whether four doors and hood have ever been opened, if they have been opened, it will initiate alarm.
  • Remote control light: after you unlock the lock with remote control, press «UNLOCK« key again in three seconds, the top light will be turned on. This can help driver find their autos easily.

Large cargo box:

ZX Auto BQ2023Q Grand Tiger
  • Larger volume, dimensions of inner cargo box are (length * width * height) 1400 mm * 1505 mm * 480 mm
ZX Auto BQ2023Q Grand Tiger

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